Making creativity a habit from 2013-2016

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”
— Charles Duhigg

Need a creative gift?

Are you feeling creatively stuck?

I'd like to introduce you to something that helped me on my artistic journey called, "HeyCreateDaily". 

One day after a breakup I was feeling overwhelmed and couldn't find it in my heart to make ANYTHING. I was tired. Sad. Ya know how it goes. That is - until I picked up the book, "The Power of Habit". It talked about how we could make anything a habit if we did it long enough. So I thought, "What if I could make creativity a habit?" 

AND so began my journey of taking 5 minutes a day to create one small thing for over three years. Each image became a little snapshot of my life and slowly took away my "fears" surrounding creating. This may not work for everyone but it was a huge help to me.

SO. If you are sitting here reading this a little bit stuck - go ahead and try and pick up a small piece of paper and create anything at all. Could be a phrase. A doodle. A picture. ANYTHING. Then do it tomorrow. And the day after that. I'm excited to see what pours out.


CHECK OUT THE IMAGES HERE: http://heycreatedaily.com/