A 42 minute autobiographical journey back to my voice

In 2013 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and it stopped me in my tracks. It made me reflect on my relationship to expression in my life. It made me see I had become completely disconnected from my body. I realized I was living a version of myself that wasn't who I truly was. This 42 minute album is based on the journey from then until now and I'm excited for us to go on it, together. Please let me know if any part of it resonates with you as I would love to hear about it.

- Venetia


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I create art that encourages expression. I wrote each song as an ode to a part of the journey back to my music and I’m honored to now share it with you. The world needs our most expressive voices now more than ever. It’s GLO time!
— Venetia

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About Venetia

I'm a startup brand storyteller, musician and all around creative entrepreneur. I'm a work in progress and sharing the journey through different storytelling mediums. I like trying new things. Most current: The GLO Album.