Records for Posterity

Asking the people we love deeper questions to gain wisdom

If I could tell my parents anything, it would be to please respect my religious choices. I’m happy to talk to you about them, but understand they’re different than yours.
— Anonymous
Presentation at The Passion Co, San Francisco

Presentation at The Passion Co, San Francisco

A carefully crafted questionnaire meant to gather wisdom and stories from those you love on a deeper level, by asking questions you don't usually ask. 

In collaboration with storyteller, Rebecca Marshburn, we compiled a list of 100 questions for people to ask their loved ones. Then, we turned those answers into an exhibit with the help of local artists Michelle Morrison and Tasha Lovsin. 

I have millions of memories about you. From your birth, your mad tricycle riding, your passion for Thomas the Tank Engine, to your wedding and seeing you all grown up and independent, so together. Every stage of your life has been so exciting to watch! One day in lower early your dad asked me how it felt to have you and I said you were the apple of my eyes. That sums it up!
— anonymous